On Going Home Joan Didion Analysis

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Coming Home Again Do your parents still live in the same house you grew up in? Does a family value still thrive in your generation? Is home always where the heart is? In the story “On Going Home” the author, Joan Didion, is visiting home from her current residence in Los Angeles. Home to her, is being with her family and talking about all the memories they all used to have together and catching up with different news as well. Didion wants to give her daughter the same childhood she had when she was growing up, but she realizes that the new generation is nothing like what hers used to be. I think that parents today could show their children the same type of home they had when they were small. Parents can incorporate the new generations technology and knowledge into how they raise us and no matter what the same type of love can be used no matter how much time passes. Firstly, I want to talk about how I was raised up in my generation. When I was little I lived out in the middle of the country much like Didion did. For fun we played…show more content…
Social media can be a way to keep in touch with your family that live miles and miles away. It may even aide in being able to stay connected than it did years before. You can talk to your great grandma in California while living all the way in Florida. You may not live in the same house as you did years ago or hang out with the same people you did but home can be wherever you go in life. Home can be in a little trailer out in the middle of nowhere like it was for me, or home can be in a house in a big city out in New York or Los Angeles. It all just depends on what and who you surround yourself with. If you like your house and town you are in now, if you love your surroundings and people around you because in the end it is all up to you and home is where the heart

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