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Wit provides us with a great insight into the workings of the health care profession and the various modes of communication, both good and bad, used between the healthcare professionals and the patients. The juxtaposed mannerisms between the professionals when it comes their dealings with Vivian as an inpatient, suffering from stage IV metastatic ovarian cancer, clearly illustrates how communication has a lasting effect on a patient. The film opens with Vivian receiving her diagnosis in her Clinician’s office. Unacceptable communication is seen from the beginning as the Clinician delivers the diagnosis in an insensitive and emphatic manner – “You have cancer”. The Clinician looks down at Vivian from behind his desk instead of sitting, eye to eye. This lack of professionalism would have left Vivian feeling even more…show more content…
Ambiguity is heard in the Clinician’s explanation of the side effects of her treatment. He describes them as being ‘pernicious’ yet fails to elaborate and explain what exactly these side effects will be. During Vivian’s pelvic examination we notice how the doctor proceeds with the examination without explaining to his patient what exactly he will be doing. The examination is rough and uncomfortable for Vivian, something which is exacerbated by the fact that she has no idea of what the examination entails. His poor choice of language when reacting to something during the examination-“Jesus!”- frightens Vivian. She asks what it is he has found yet he ignores her and continues to speak about himself. Another lapse in patient-doctor communication regarding her treatment/disease is evident when the hospital nurse comes to take Vivian for an ultrasound as she had an apparent bowel obstruction. Vivian was not informed of neither her bowel obstruction nor her need for an ultrasound prior to this and it is clear that this upsets

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