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I want to inspire people. I want these people to look at me and say, “because of you, I didn’t give up.” I feel that this statement is everything an Occupational Therapist is about. I have seen how impactful occupational therapy is by watching the drastic changes it has on lives including my own brother. The TTUHSC Master of Occupational Therapy program although challenging will help me sharpen my occupational therapy skills and strengthen my assets and traits of affability, leadership, determination, and steadfastness. The TTUHSC Master of Occupational Therapy program will be a challenging program to take on such as challenges of self-discipline and management of time. I know that I will have to be much more focused and dedicated to my graduate…show more content…
I have had the privilege of shadowing various Occupational Therapists in different settings with assorted experiences. With these experiences I have gained a higher quality of knowledge of the strong aspects I can bring to this field to make me an ideal candidate for the MOT program at TTUHSC. I have a calm personality along with persistent encouragement, which allows my strong communication skills to be clear and effective in all I do with clients. To work well with others, you must be able to completely listen to their needs and think critically about each situation, and this is a strong aspect I have. My exceptional communication and people skills and affability have been shown in the interaction of various clients of all ages with different injuries, disabilities and/or mental problems that I have worked with. My strength to have collaboration with co-workers and other health care professionals is an ability that is necessary to obtain any job and candidacy for the MOT program. While working in these settings, the interest and passion for the field of Occupational Therapy has grown to a dream that the TTUHSC program can help me

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