Nt1110 Operating System

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A processor is the brain of any computer that exists. CPU is used to process the instructions that are put in into the operating system and makes any kind of application run on a system. A processor preforms mathematical and logical calculations in the ALU and control instructions in the control unit. The CPU communicates with the hard drive and RAM to process the data of the applications that are running on the computer system. RAM or random access memory is memory that is linked to a processor on the motherboard. RAM chips are stored next to the CPU and it can be plugged into a system motherboard. Applications that are running on your computer system write data onto the RAM chips based on current operations. RAM is wiped clean every time you shut down your system, so all the things that you copied onto your clipboard will stay in the RAM chip until you turn your system off then all the data will be wiped clean. ROM or read only memory contains system information such as the BIOS. ROM also holds the information about the operating system and other programs stored on the system. Unlike the RAM the ROM does not get wiped clean when the system is shut down All the power supply does is supply the main components with electricity on the mother board and other extra devices that are connected to the system. You have to make sure that…show more content…
Most processes also have a fan attached to them so they don’t overheat and that will allow them to work at its best. If the system will start to overheat you gone start to hear the fans because they will start to work harder which means more noise gone be made. Heat sinks are also used to keep the system cool. They are made of aluminium and copper because those two materials are good heat conductors. They are placed straight onto the processor to take all the heat
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