Notes From A Liar And Her Dog Analysis

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Notes from a Liar and Her Dog “Please dad? Can I please have a dog?” I whined. “I’m working on it!” my dad retorted. I was begging my dad for a dog for the last few weeks. Then one day when I was going on a field trip on a bright and sunny day with my mom as a chaperone, she said, “how about him. I nearly jumped a mile as I yelled, “he is perfect! He is just perfect! What’s his name?” “Oh, just a typical name, Tim,” my mom said. “Hmm…” I pondered. “I think I am going to do something about his name, I have to make it more unique!” A week later my dog came from Utah. I knew the perfect name, Juny. He immediately became my best friend with his easy going personality. I remember when he falls or trips, I was there to help. When he was scared of going down the steps, I helped by putting on paw at a time down the steps and I knew that he would be there for me too. In Notes from a Liar and Her Dog, Ant shows her love towards Pistachio the same way I showed my love to Juny.…show more content…
Pistachio is with her in every move. Ant made such a strong bond with her dog that she takes her around wherever she goes. She thinks that Pistachio is the only one who believes that everything that Ant says. She tells herself to not get to comfortable around other people because her family moves so much. Her mom may not like Pistachio but if she separates Ant and Pistachio, then things will get a little ugly. Whenever she writes to her “real parents,” she always says, Love, Ant and Pistachio. She doesn’t put Elizabeth and Kate. She puts Pistachio. That shows how much she loves

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