Ninth Amendment Flaws

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The Constitution of the United States was wrote in 1789; however, the constitution show some imperfection or errors that need to be corrected. The Constitution of the United States has in total 27 amendments that were added with the pass of the years. I found the ninth amendment to be the more interesting and maybe one of the most controversial. The ninth amendment says the enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. The main problem with the ninth amendment is vague language that was write it making the unenumerated rights hard to defined. Courts uses the ninth amendment with the when privacy needs to be protected. There is the need to understand what are the rights that the ninth amendment refers.…show more content…
The ninth amendment born from the idea of protect the people’s right that were not listed in the bill rights. James Madison was the founding father who proposed the ninth amendment. The rights that the ninth amendment intended to protect are hard to identify. First, the rights are innumerable therefore is hard to understand which right are trying to protect. Numerous right were not include in the bill of rights but that does not mean that they not important or they should not be consider as rights. It is indispensable to understand how the ninth amendment is currently use and what problems or controversial issues do they present. Numerous debates have been issue around the ninth amendment (Ostler). Opposite point of views about how the ninth amendment. Scholars answer variously that the Ninth Amendment “other” rights are those derived from the natural law or from federalism.

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