Nfl Pros And Cons

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The Best and the Worst: The National Football League The NFL is included with many different teams, some of which have Super bowl talents and possibilities. The Lions went to the Post season, and sadly ended abruptly with a close loss to the Cowboys. Many believed that the Lions should have been victorious in the last minutes of the game. They had terrible calls, but played well in an outmatched competition. The team had the talent to make a Super bowl run, but the refs bad calls stopped it short. A team with a real Super bowl run, the Seattle Seahawks, actually made the Super bowl although they fell just shy of the title, losing to the New England Patriots. The Patriots didn’t exactly earn the game in some opinions, but have a talented team with a lot of experience. Pete Carroll should have chosen to run the ball instead of throw it from the 1…show more content…
The Buccaneers had the worst record in the 2014 season. With almost no talent on their team, especially on the defensive side, they deserved to be the worst team in the NFL. It just always seemed like they were losing. The coaching staff had horrible play calling which cost them a lot of games. The head coach couldn’t put together a well rounded team, seeing how he only had one outstanding receiver, and no talented quarterback to throw to him. They got a good quarterback in the 2015 NFL draft in Jameis Winston. Another team with very little success in 2014 was the Tennessee Titans. To start off, they had no decent quarterback all year, no defense and no offense. They had a 2--14 season. A lot of people would think they were lucky to even win a game because of the lack of talent they had on the team. Luckily they were able to pick up Marcus Mariota the Heisman winner from Oregon University in the 2015 draft. So far he has performed pretty well for a rookie, a lot of people are expecting him to be a legendary player in the
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