Next Step's Corporate Culture

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A Business success in current time is built upon ethical behaviors and corporate culture. These two concepts play a very pertinent part in creating well rounded corporations while bringing significant benefits to the company. Benefits such as; attracting more talented employees, making the current ones eager to stay with the company, attracting more customers, which in turn improves sales, and lastly drawing in investors that will ensure share prices are kept high. Unfortunately, there has been a diminishing use of ethical standards in the business world which can be affirmed by the increasing corporate fraud and misconduct. These actions are a result of one’s audacious greed and inability to uphold personal integrity. Business leaders who…show more content…
An organization’s corporate culture provides a guideline that they will consider in their everyday agendas, procedures, how they interact with colleagues, clients and any involved investors. During research Ramona find an article that contained an interview with Next Steps founder and CEO talking about the CEO’s mission, which is to create a healthier America, he also discussed the company’s ethics code. Once Ramona arrived at Next Step she met with a corporate recruiter, who she then began to question about various articles she read about the company. When she mentioned what she read about Next Step’s industry leading ethics code, the recruiter suggested it was only created to attract investors and uphold an image. Later Ramona attended the company’s pep rally, the CEO expressed how he cared about people wanted to improve their lives, however, when an attendee infant started crying, he rudely told the woman to dismiss herself. The CEO then continued his speech condemning all Americans that didn’t meet his ideal standards and how they could offer a healthier way of living, he also insinuated how they could get rich in the process. It appears that Next Step is more concerned with making money and reaping the benefits behind selling the products with no ethics code in…show more content…
They would have their distributors purchase a set amount of products and pay for them in advance, without evidence that showed they were capable of making the sales. The agreement also stated that the distributors had to purchase less popular products in order to have the freedom of purchasing the more popular products. Rumors over the internet suggested that because of these tie in agreements it caused these distributors to file bankruptcy. When Ramona once again brought this issue up to the recruiter, the recruiter defended Next Step and stated that they hired lawyers to remove the site that negatively impacted their success. According to an article found, a tie-in agreement is illegal if the sale or agreement to sell one product or service is conditioned on the buyer’s agreement to purchase another product or service (Austin, 1977). If indeed this accusation is factual it further proves that Next Step and their employees lack moral and ethical values. This situation raises huge concerns about the CEOs integrity and

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