John Nash Schizophrenia

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The movie starts out in the late 1940’s at Princeton University. The main character is John Nash who attends Princeton University on the Carnegie Scholarship for math. He develops a friendship with an english student, Charles Herman and rooms with him in the dorms. After getting shut down multiple times, Nash is finally offered a spot in MIT for writing a new government concept. Years into MIT, John Nash is recruited by the government and pentagon to encrypt codes to discover a bomb hidden by enemies. In the middle of Nash’s stint with the government he is also teaching a class, in the class he meets a student named Alicia and they end up getting married. After being “enlisted” by the military to help encrypt codes, Nash is enrolled into a mental hospital against his will. Once in the mental hospital he is diagnosed with Schizophrenia and discovers that this entire time he has been hallucinating. His best friend Charles, a hallucination, helping the government in secret buildings, another hallucination. After he learns that he is hallucinating it takes him a good portion of his life to realize that in order to live happily with his wife. He eventually learns to manage his…show more content…
Schizophrenia is defined as “a brain disorder where people interpret reality abnormally.”(Mayo Clinic) Jason Nash who has the disorder, one of his symptoms is hallucinations. Nash throughout the movie has friends and situations where he thinks to be true but turn out to be only hallucinations. His best friend and college roommate, Charles, ended being completely imaginary. Nash only finds out once he is put into a mental hospital and the doctor tells him no one is there when Nash thinks he was talking to his friend. Eventually he found out that the government job he had was also a hallucination also, with the help of his wife. Once he is diagnosed with Schizophrenia, he has to take medicine to help with the

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