Negative Effects On Marriage

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Researchers estimate that about 40 to 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce according to the American psychological association. While divorce can put an end to the problems that couples face, it should be the last resort for married couples because it will end the marriage life. Divorce leads to financial problems, destroys family ties, and negatively affects children. First of all, when couples decided to divorce all the family member will be harmed from what is coming next. A lot of people they destroyed their family’s ties because they get divorce without thinking what will happened to their children because they will be no longer living together so the children’s will not learn from the parents, and they lose touch…show more content…
Some children’s they don’t know how to choose a successful life because they don’t have many options without their parents and some of them will get an emotional and psychological effects. A recent study that Over 30 years of exploration keeps on uncovering the negative impacts of separation on youngsters (Desai,2007) Kids whose folks separation are generously more prone to be imprisoned for perpetrating a wrongdoing also Teens from separated homes are significantly more prone to take part in medication and liquor use. Children of separated folks experience the ill effects of manifestations of mental pain it will stay inside him even if he grows up, there will be always something missing in the children’s. This is another important reason divorce should be the last resort for married…show more content…
They say when couples got divorce they will throw everything thing away and live without any pressure inside them so they will live longer because the human brain needs to relax so if someone is putting a lot if pursuer it may damage the brain. However, not everyone agrees with this point of view. We live in a life that is full of problems but we have to face and fight back so divorce should be last reason, anyway. In his article Kenneth suggests that that separate builds men's long haul likelihood of both self-reported work restrictions and federal inability receipt (2015) he also adds that suppuration option estimates that don't control for choice into separation exhibit that determination inclination can considerably adjust discoveries with respect to the

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