Natasha's Connections In The Winter Soldier

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Similarly, Natasha harnesses the truth as well as her own emotional vulnerabilities. She reveals honest facts about her past to foster connections. Bruce comments on a child she involved, "They’re starting that young now?” and she responds, “I did,” in an attempt to evoke sympathy. Again, as Bruce calls himself a monster, she reassures him by presenting her forced sterilization as evidence of her own monstrosity. After all, if he can forgive her and view her as human, he can do the same for himself. (Obviously, this is an extremely problematic idea, tying a woman’s value and humanity to her ability to bear children, but it’s how Natasha presents herself. Arguably, she uses this example because Bruce won't see her as a monster for this and, therefore, forgive himself, too. However, Bruce doesn't respond explicitly, and the text…show more content…
After all, his statement that he trusts her is something she’s unused to and unable to respond to immediately. Their journey on the run together in The Winter Soldier cements their friendship, with them teasing and defending each other. She appears interested in his wellbeing, explaining modern references (at times, unnecessarily) and attempting to find him a date. When fighting, they appear in sync, often aiding one another. Steve even becomes able to read Natasha to an extent, a fact he shares with Bruce in Age of Ultron. As previously touched upon, Natasha’s relationship with Bruce is extremely nuanced. To an extent, she understands him, as they have both been broken and unmade. Their shared history of extreme violence (unto others and themselves), links them on an emotional level. Like him, organizations have used her as weapon in war. They also both desire peace. In Age of Ultron, though Bruce thinks of it as unattainable, Natasha proposes they run away together. However, his unpredictability frightens her. She seeks to connect with him as much as she does to control

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