Narrative Story About Bullying

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It was the late hours of night for I had realised that the solider hadn’t yet returned to base after commencing nightwatch. I dragged my grazed, furry paw along the soil beneath me, remaining silent. Staring at the patch of blood stained upon my paw, the menacing screams and shouts of my master defending the frontline ricocheted in my mind as I stayed awaiting for my soldiers’ arrival; preaching of his heroic acts of sacrifice and of honour. I trailed my eyes along the bodies of the other soldiers looking for him in everyone, sheltered in their parapets sound asleep. Although many of the Australian soldiers were welcoming to me, I was appreciative, but none of the men couldn’t understand me. Rosa could understand this, my lovely Rosa Praed who unknowingly left me behind to be taken care for by Lieutenant Oliver after she rushed off to her hometown in London quite suddenly. It was obvious to me that Rosa was apologetic in leaving me behind. Perhaps it…show more content…
The bulldog looked at me. “Todd?” He said. “Rosa Praed’s very own Todd?” I stayed silent, licking my stomach trying to avoid looking at him. “Looks like the Lieutenant is walking with you this morning. Much like how your dearest Rosa walked with you that morning.” “Do I look like I want to talk with you, Greg?” “The Lieutenant once had someone before you, a tomcat. I hated her with a passion but the Lieutenant adored her. The tomcat believed that she could the Lieutenant what he wanted, tender love, not masked by any pretence of masculinity, a mother and a lover all in one. I mean, it is what the Lieutenant would want.” The bulldog said. I thought about our moment that night in his trench as I leapt forward at him and growled at him, swiping at his face with my paw and grazing his face. The bulldog backed off and stared at me
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