Narrative Essay: My Life As A Slave

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My Life as a Slave Today, I became a free woman, I don’t have to work for cruel and wicked men and women that don’t have pity on use slaves. I’ve been praying for seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months and even years. Now, it has finally come, I now know that my mother and father's soul will finally rest. My past was full of depression, pain, terror, dejection, rejection, abuse and even more. I can even write a book about what people of my type went through when we were a slave. But my story is different from others, but it all started when I was 12 years old. My mother and I were fetching firewood when a group of men surrounded us. “Women, you and your daughter, have to come with us to the come king’s palace.” “Is anything, the matter, is…” “Women, we don’t time for questions, just come…show more content…
My mother and I managed to escape. After miles of running, my mother fell and sprained her ankle, she screamed like a woman in labor. I covered her mouth and made sure that nobody heard her scream. "My ankle, my ankle," she complained. "Mama, let me try to find some herbs so I can knead on your ankle." "Alright, my daughter hurry. "I'm coming Mama." I ran as fast as a cheetah. I searched everywhere for the right herbs, but I couldn't find anything. I started to cry, and kneel down and asked the Gods of our land to help my mother and I. I suddenly felt water on my palms and realized the water I was feeling was a river and the river looked familiar. I had a flashback, which was when my mother took me to this river when I was younger and she told me that this river was the boundary between my village which is now known as Charlotte and the other village which is Sussex. I then ran back to my mother, waiting to give her good news, I started praising the Gods and told her that we were the close to the boundary. She was filled with joy and that smile on her face just warmed my heart, until we heard voices and rustling from the bushes. "Who is that?" my mother
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