Narrative Essay: Biffani's Love

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As Tiffani Amber left the mall from shopping with the money that her mother earned last night at the local strip, she seen Biff Carter. As usual Tiffani couldn't resist running over and giving biff a big hug and flirting with him knowing he has a girlfriend. Tiffani hopped into Biffs car and said you should take me home, and of course Biff didn't wanna be rude so he just said yes but im taking u straight home. On the way to Tiffani's house she couldn't stop flirting with Biff and had her hands all over him. Biff knew in the back of his mind he shouldn't because he has a girlfriend but he how Tiffani is, she's and easy one timer and doesn't tell anyone. So he couldn't resist. When they got to the house just Tiffani didn't just go in they both

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