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Agasthya along with his wife ‘Lobamudrai’ flies to Madurai from the ‘Pothigai’ Mountain on his Vimana and teaches Tamil grammar to the Pandyan Kingdom’s Royal Court-Poet ‘Narkeerar’ on the Lord’s Advice Narkeerar by the Grace of the Lord once more served with humility as the Chief Royal-Court Poet in the Pandyan Kingdom in Madurai. Narkeerar was thankful to the Lord for forgiving him and he thought that earlier when ‘Manmathan’ (Cupid) the Lord of Love was similarly burnt to ashes by the Lord,neither Lord Brahma the Creator nor Lord Vishnu the Sustainer had come to his rescue,but it was beside the ‘Porthamarai’ or ‘Golden-Lotus Pond that the Lord Himself had forgiven him and restored him to his previous self. So from that day on Narkeerar took three cleansing baths in the holy pond and then went into the holy temple to pray to the Lord. He greatly repented for daring to challenge the Lord and thus earned the Love and compassion of the Lord. Even as the Lord in Kailash His holy realm was pondering on how he was going to teach good Tamil and its grammar to Narkeerar,the Divine Mother reminded the Lord that…show more content…
The Lord replied that one should teach to persons who worshipped Him every day,to those who gave away alms out of generosity,those who were not jealous in nature,those who kept their word and those who possessed a clear and faultless mind. Since Narkeerar was jealous,He had asked Agasthya to teach him Tamil! The Divine Mother felt happy after having her doubts cleared and Narkeerar too felt happy that even though he had envied Dharumi the poor-poet and dared to defy the Lord Himself,the Lord out of compassion had forgiven him and asked the great Sage Agasthya to teach him Tamil grammar! Narkeerar thereafter corrected his previous mistakes and remained ever faithful to the Lord and served with humility in the Tamil Sangam in

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