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otebook: All New South Wales Police Officers, irrespective of rank, are issued with an Official Police Notebook (NSW Police Force handbook, 2013). Official Police Notebooks are used by an Officer on all working shifts to record various forms of information. Information such as particulars of Witnesses, Offenders and Victims, statements, interviews and general information for ‘Record only’ purposes are recorded in an Official Police Notebook. Any information recorded in an Official Police Notebook is used for future reference (NSW Police Force handbook, 2013). There are several requirements and legalities that must be covered in a notebook entry when dealing with a Stealing incident. These requirements and legalities are vital to ensure that…show more content…
There are several important aspects that need to be included into a Police Statement, such as the Jurat. The Jurat must be placed in the statement prior any information and without the Jurat, the statement that Police provide for could is deemed inadmissible. If Police fail to include the Jurat at the beginning of a statement, it would lead to the loss of evidence, which could be used in court and also a failed prosecution. Signatures: It is vital that all statements which are made, including Police statements, must be signed by the statement provider and a Witness (Brief Preparation Guide, 2011). When a Police Officer produces a Police Statement, it is vital that the Police Officer who has made the statement must sign the statement and have an officer present while they are completing the statement. The offsider is to sign as a witness of the statement, as stated in Section 81 and 82 of the Criminal Procedures Act 1986. Both the Police Officer who has produced the statement and the witness need to include on a Police Statement their name printed, rank, Station they are linked to and the time and date the statement was signed (Brief Preparation Guide,

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