My Piano Analysis

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However, the piano is not just a piece of furniture that looks beautiful. In the right hands, a table can become a voice. This is something which I have experienced. Through this instrument, I am able to give my mind and my thoughts a voice. Playing any instrument, whether it be a piano or a xylophone, gives man the ability to let their thoughts and feelings run from their souls to their hands. The freedom of self expression is a gift which many do not know how to use. Nevertheless, with training, it is possible. Having the ability to skillfully play a piano is a gift which I am thankful for every time I sit on the bench, or rest my hands on the keys. In those moments, an inanimate object becomes an extension of myself. The din and clamor of my ever working mind translates into the hypnotic, yet alluring sound that the piano provides. My piano and I share quite the mutualistic relationship. Without me the piano would be nothing but a table, never being able to speak. Without the piano, I would not be able to let my soul have an outlet of audible expression. We have an understanding, the piano and I. I am the breath, and it is the vocal chords. Through that, we become one voice.…show more content…
Whether it be through art, architecture, music or film, the people that inhabit this planet have consistently found ways to stand out in the world. Through things we call masterpieces, the artisans who created them have been able to live on long after death. For me personally, I find great pleasure in the expression of myself. The ability to show love or care through the use of an inanimate object is a skill which I am blessed with. In my case, I am able to show this through my piano. Through the use of the keys, I am able to almost literally translate my thoughts into
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