Bushwood Country Club Analysis

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Chaddyshack, one of the funniest golfing comedies to grace the silver screen. This comical adaptation depicts the life of the wealthy and privileged society acting superior to the lower class working force. Throughout this film, there are many scenes that demoralize and discrimination, but never in a cruel or mean way, instead it utilizes comedy to bring humor to the masses. Caddyshack is chock full of catchy one liners, like “Freeze gopher”, or “It’s in the hole” and probably the most memorable and often quoted is “Na-na-na-na-na” (Ramis, 1980). A classic film for the ages; Caddyshack truly is one of the great comedies for sports. Set on the grounds of Bushwood Country Club, a private country club where members only are allowed to play and…show more content…
Both men of wealth, they don’t look down at the staff, but demonstrate a distaste for Judge Smails and his views of “who belongs and those who simply don’t” (Ramis, 1980). Suttle undertones of sarcasm throughout by Ty Webb is brilliant, with an obscure zen like philosophy to life, he tries to help Danny see past the snobbish members. Al Czervik, on the other hand is self-made man raised out of the projects. His blue collar upbringing and tacky unrefined attitude, is like bull in a china shop and absolutely infuriates Judge Smails. Oil and water mixture is plentiful when these two characters mesh. Judge Smails tells Al Czervik “I’ll grantee you’ll never be a member here” and Al response is “Are you kidding me, I won’t join this crazy snob-a-torium, the only reason I’m here is maybe I’ll buy Bushwood”. Rounding out this amazing cast of actors is Bill Murray, playing the simpleton Carl Spackler, assistant greens keeper. Hell bent on the destruction of the biggest nemeses to plague the golf course, a gopher. Carl Spangler brings the odd man out comic relief to film, and prepare for battle against the furry brown

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