My Lifetime Goals: Student Council, HOSA, And Basketball

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My lifetime goal is simple, to have both a comfortable and happy life. I want to be able to travel to different countries in my spare time and enjoy my life wherever my home may end up being. To be able to take care of my family and rarely have to worry about financial or any other problems. I understand that to obtain this lifestyle when I am older I will need to have self-discipline and motivate myself to push myself. While I am in high school I have been involved I organizations such as Student council, HOSA, and basketball. Each one of these extra-curricular activities taught me a different life lesson. Student council is an organization which is student ran and when I thought of that I was thinking no work would ever get done, but it…show more content…
This organization will help me in the fact that once I am in college or I have my career I will have an organized plan for complete my tasks or assignments. Although I joined HOSA at first because most of my friends where involved with it, I became much more fond of the organization this is where I learned that I had a connection to health care careers. HOSA would probably have to be the most important organization that I have joined because once I am going into college I already know that I want a career in the health field. Then finally Basketball it is more than just a sport to me, when I am on the court with my teammates I feel a bond of brotherhood and trust amongst all of us. I learned a lot of life lessons from basketball, such as not to be a selfish, trust my teammates, to keep myself mental strong because the moment that I say I can’t do something I will lose my power over my opponent. What I love about basketball is that it is a team sport and life itself is a team sport you are not the only person on the planet so you have to interact with others. I have also learned that if you poses a strength in a certain task or objective then you should help a person who has that as their weakness and they might be able to help you with

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