My Experience As A Clinical Assistant

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With successful results in achieving my assigned targets in Family planning, maternity care as well as vaccination services in my rural medical unit, I was trusted to be a Clinical Director for a larger unit in my country (Egypt). The unit serves four villages with over twenty thousand residents. Such opportunity allowed me to gain exposure to a whole different level of medical experience. As their head doctor, my responsibilities were extended to every medical branch and specialty while managing a large variety of patients. The outpatient atmosphere that I encountered was energizing to me, rapidly pivoting from a playful exam of a three-year-old patient to a mature discussion of a concerning test results with a fifty-year-old patient. Such stark contrast between patients various conditions gave me a great passion for Internal medicine. ( wrong timing)…show more content…
I spent my summer among a variety of outpatient clinics and emergency rooms in the city’s local hospital. This experience helped me tremendously in building a good clinical sense that showed during my internship and work experience. Having such experience (but), I did not take lightly, a certain patient’s case that suffered from recurrent nasal bleeding that eventually turned to be a case of Paranasal Sinus malignancy. Having the extraordinary opportunity to do an observership in Internal Medicine Department in the infamous Jersey shore University Medical Center was unforgettable. Interning for Dr. Bakr and Colella has expanded my knowledge in the American medical system. In addition, I had the opportunity to participate in morning rounds, attend daily morning reports, and grand rounds and Clinical case discussions. Although, my experience was not limited to the previous activities; I was introduced to a variety of chronic illnesses because Jersey shore is specialized in a variety of patients with minor or major
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