My Developmental Process

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My Developmental Process If I Were The Opposite Sex At a young age, I was able to distinguish myself as a female and could recognize the differences in sexes. Growing up, I experienced the notion girls wore dresses and played with dolls and boys wore jeans and played with cars. I was able to have a distinct perception of what sex and gender looked like. It is evident biological sex and social genders interact with one another and influence the identity of individuals (BOOK). If I were born as the opposite sex, a male, my development would have been completely different. My perception of myself, my family’s expectations, and my social life would take a different turn in life. My Perception As A Male If I were a male, I believe I would have a different outlook on life. I would be composed of different personality traits, mannerisms, physical characteristics, and social interactions (EWING). As the opposite sex, I would not have to worry about my body image as much. I would not stress about weight gain if I were a male. I would not feel I am being judged for my sexual desires and would embrace it more. I would not worry about what sex I am hanging…show more content…
Society devises expectations of what each gender should look like. Society reinforces behaviors that are typical of genders. For example, a young girl will be acknowledged when she crosses her legs, this will reinforce the specific female behavior. I grew up wearing girly clothes, however I wanted to wear baggy clothes and sneakers. When I dressed the way I wanted as a child, I received negative reactions from peers. Since I was made fun of for wearing “boyish” clothes, I changed my appearance. I became self aware of how I was dressed and presented myself. I started caring about what my hair looked like and if my make up was still on. If I were a boy, I would be able to wear what I felt comfortable in without judgment from society

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