Analysis: Why Poor Schools Can T Win At Standardized Testing

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Jacob Mathai Keating-Online English 1303 22 September 2015 “Why Poor School Can’t Win at Standardized Testing” Standardized tests were implemented in all fifty states in 2001 in accordance with the No Child Left Behind program instituted by George W. Bush. This was originally designed in order to ensure that all schools were meeting standards of excellence and educating children that would be able to thrive in an increasingly competitive global market. However, there were a lot of flaws that came with this program. One of the main issues is how materials of the test, as poorer schools cannot afford such expensive textbooks. This lack of textbooks is compounded by the fact that many school districts cannot keep…show more content…
She uses as an example a question on one of the standardized tests. “Consider this question from the 2009 PSSA, which asked third-grade students to write down an even number with three digits and then explain how they arrived at their answers”-(Broussard). One student uses 200, and explains that they wrote a 3 digit number that was even, which is technically correct. However it was not scored as well as another student’s answer in which he expla ined why his number was even. For a third grader to even understand what the question was asking they would have had to be taught from a book made by the standardized test maker. This is a problem for poor schools who cannot afford such expensive textbooks. In addition, even if the school does have the right textbooks they might not be used effectively. A lack of technology and lack of appropriate staff keeps school districts from properly checking inventory. I feel like what the author did in order to keep track of the textbooks was a good idea, which saves schools a lot of money and allows students all students to get their textbooks. She also brings up a good point about how this data problem is actually a people problem and due to the cutbacks it prevents…show more content…
The companies that do this know that they can charge as much as they want, as the richer school districts will pay in order to ensure they do well on the company’s tests. This leaves the poor schools shafted, and wastes taxpayer money on overly expensive books for the richer school districts. An easy solution to this is to hire only companies that do not also make textbooks to design the standardized tests. This would ensure that books are not overly expensive, and also that having one particular book does not give schools and students an unfair

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