My Bicycle Trip

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The roar of the waves, the vast fields of ripening barley, the breath of fishy smell, the hot humid wind, and the salty taste of my own beads of sweat. At some time, I was pedaling hard, giving myself to my bicycle. I concentrated solely upon on ‘Jeju island’, which came through my five senses. It just happened somehow: bicycle trip to Jeju island. I am a person who think riding bicycles as part of my life. When I dash down the mountain path, my body interacts with the earth through the wheels. When I pedal hard, the earth comes to me as if it is a mighty guest, making me glad. Since it is a familiar guest, it is closer to a ‘friend’ than a ‘guest’. Wheels connects my body and the earth, becoming the part of my body. I’m familiar with wheels but it is still a stranger. The distance between me and the stranger is beautiful. It doesn’t estrange me and the earth, but connects us, making me to move forward inside the relationship with the earth. I started from my grandmother’s house, with amateur equipment. I had a single purpose for this trip. Going slow,…show more content…
I went Minsa to study subjects I want to study, but there was no time to do since mandatory studies were too much. But curiosity got the better of me, and I read books every weekend in the library. My grades dropped and people around me gave pressure, asking the reason why I’m wasting my time on such unimportant subjects. ‘Because I love to study these’ was not enough answer to get rid of those tacit disagreement. However, I could find the enlightenment during the bicycle trip in Jeju island. I love learning for its own sake, not for university nor college itself. Even if the road I taken is not asphalt road, but curved, muddy path, would it be enough if I can walk the path happily? If I can ‘adjust’ to reality and focus on requirements and also studying the subjects I love in my spare time, would it be the best life in

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