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In the year of 2156, the Hawaiian vibe has completely vanished. Ukulele, surfing, fish and poi, and aloha had no meaning to the people. They had forgotten about the value of the ‘Aina (land). Instead of talking pidgin, they spoke regular English. Instead of buying from the manapua truck, they bought at the store. But little did everybody know that the menehunes still exist. The menehunes realized what’s going on in Hawai’i and recruited the Musubi Man from the past, hoping that he’ll make the people remember the real Hawai’i. On one stormy night, during the full moon, the menehunes gathered by the mountains and chanted, “Bring the Musubi Man from the past, so Hawai’i can come back at long last.” In a matter of seconds, the Musubi Man slowly appeared in the middle of the circle and before his entire body forms, the…show more content…
The land, first of all, was filled with skyscrapers and less than 25% of the land was green. Second, the people were dressed in tight, tight silver clothes. No slippers, just shoes. No board shorts, just long silver pants. The Musubi Man didn’t understand what’s going on. “Ay boi,” he half-yelled at a man who was walking by, “Wachu wearing? What is that?”, he asked. The stranger replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. And why are you speaking like that anyways? Is that gibberish?”. The man gave him a nasty look as if he was disgusted by his appearance and language. “Don’t gimme that look. Anyways, can you help me please?” the Musubi Man begged. “No thanks fella, you’re on your own.”, scoffed the stranger. The Musubi Man felt hurt by his ignorance. The Musubi Man continued to ask others if they can help him stay at their house for the night, but all of them rejected him. And then a miracle happened. This kind soul, Braddah Jeffrey IIII, the great grandson of the original Braddah Jeffrey, offered the Musubi Man to stay at his house for awhile. He felt sorry for him to be treated like

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