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The Sigh of a Butterfly It lays across the neck like an anchor that holds a ship in the vast ocean. It is long and silver that holds a butterfly sphere, her symbol. Having this in my possession is special to me. It is her, the only time I ever got to hold her was in my dreams. She lays on my neck as a reminder of what could have been. The smell of silver will never compare to what she would have smelled like, if we could have had her in our arms. To lose a life so young; we never heard her first words, never saw her first steps, and never knew her heart. The feeling of cold silver; the weight of the small portion I was allowed from her, it will never satisfy the craving my heart desires. You can taste the bitter air, which surrounds our family’s symbolic piece. This symbol of her that is worn, the necklace will never be enough. That anchor is my niece, she is like a sparkly white diamond in the night sky that I never thought would have died. To wear a constant reminder of a baby’s death, can be a blessing, if you allow it. The anticipation of Ms. Ava Marie’s arrival was heart wrenching. The call came to me in the early hours of a shivering cold January morning I could feel the pain in her voice when she told me; she lost…show more content…
The loss of my niece has made life seem so fragile and our time here on earth more meaningful. I will forever be grateful for her. Ava Marie has taught us a lesson in life that we would not have learned if it was not for her short presence. Physical life on this earth is temporary, and our Lord will call us home when our journey is complete. Ava Marie’s journey was short and sweet, she gave our lives meaning and I will hold all babies a little closer and be more patient towards all children in her honor. The necklace is a reminder of what we had, and what we lost in a short amount of time. Her life; my necklace is a blessing because that is what I allow it to

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