Mrs. Turpin Character Analysis

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Mrs. Turpin has a personality of a wise married woman. However, why would Mary call her “a hog from hell?” Therefore Mrs. Turpin must have had something evil in her, which only the “ugly girl” noticed. In the story, Mrs. Turpin is shown to be a very nice person who had a lot to say about people. Although she was happy god made her that way. As a matter of fact she was one of the only ladies in that hospital scene, who did not want anything bad to happen to Negroes again. Furthermore, it just so happens she defends her nigger workers as much as she defends her hogs. Nonetheless, the phrase from Mary, changed her dramatically later on throughout the story. As the conversation in the hospital went on, the rage in the women began to grow rapidly. The conversation between, ruby and the white trash lady illustrates the rage and anger they both had. “One thang I…show more content…
Turpin agrees with the pleasant lady more often in the story, thus the author gave the pleasant lady a good name. Moreover, as the conversation persisted Ruby and the pleasant lady made similar observation and had about the same thing to say. Thus, when the trash lady said “two thangs I aint going to do: love no niggers and scoot down no hogs with no hose.”(Flannery O’Connor) After that saying Mrs. Turpin and the pleasant lady, “exchanged [a certain look] which indicating they both understood that you had to have certain things before you can know certain things.”(Flannery O’Connor) The two of them also agreed on other stuff, such as Negro rights. In similar fashion, the pleasant lady said, “Oh I couldn’t do without my good colored friends.”(Flannery O’Connor) Then Ruby agreed by saying “there’s a heap of things worse than a nigger, [then she added] it’s all kinds of them just like all kids of us.”(Flannery O’Connor) That is to say, they were on the same line of defense and offense at all times. That’s probably why she thought she was made perfectly by god, until she was told those word by the ugly

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