Mr Pirzada Came To Dine

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In Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine, The Real Durwan and Mrs. Sens, the protagonists seem different at first, but upon a closer examination, they are similar in several aspects. All the protagonists go through sufferings which transform them physically, spiritually, and mentally. Their suffering is exemplified by their extreme rituals and self-inflicted emotional torment. Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine depicts a story of a man torn between his family and financial success. Mr. Pirzada is a man that travels far away from his family to do research in New England. He prays every day for the safety of his family, who are in war driven Pakistan. His ritual includes taking off his watch during dinner and setting the time to Pakistan, as though he is having dinner…show more content…
She finds herself in poverty ridden conditions as a sweeper. When a basin is installed in the building, she is promoted to a Durwan, a doorman. In her new position she is given the responsibility to monitor the basin. Similar to Mr. Pirzada, Boori Ma is delusional in her perception of reality. She consistently reminisces about her past as a wealthy woman in Calcutta. She does not accept her responsibility as a Durwan and instead goes for long leisurely walks. Her ritual is shaking the keys on the end of her sari, portraying a sense of carelessness while emphasizing a position of power to control the entrance. Boori Ma does not feel that she is not protecting something special. This attitude can be described by her background for she was accustomed to far more luxuries things than a basin. When one day she comes home she notices that the basin has been stolen. She does not show any regret for the stolen basin. The tenants however feel otherwise and blame Boori Ma for not guarding the door, exclaiming "We shared our coal, gave her a place to sleep. How could she betray us this

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