Mr. Ames In 'Astronomer's Wife' By T. Boyle

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In the story, “Astronomer’s wife”, we can see three kinds of people: more Eros-minded people like Mr. Ames, more thanatos-minded people like Mrs. Ames, and normal people who is neither extreme eros-minded or thanatos-minded like the plumber. It is good to be balance between eros and thanatos as the plumber does. Mr. Ames is tend to be ero-mided. First, he finds it very meaningful to do the research of astronomy. The story describes that “At times he lay still for hours, at others he sat upon the roof behind his telescope, or wandered down the pathway to the road and out across the mountains” (Boyle, 1).” It takes him a very long time to study the subject, and he enjoys doing it. He tries multi ways to learn and study, and he feels good about it. He finds it is meaningful to do the research, and he feels special about himself. As an ero-minded people, his mind and thoughts always wandering, and he will be very excited about the things he has interest. He is a “dreamer” as his wife describes; he likes to “going up”, and going up is a way that only few people will truly understand. He has his own ambitions; he loves going up and look down to all the other people that do not understand. That is the reason why Mrs. Ames thinks, “But whenever the astronomer gave voice…show more content…
Like Mr. Ames, he gets a job he likes. We can see it from the story: he knows his job well in order to find the problem of the leaking water, and he can explain it to Mrs. Ames. Besides, he is never aggressive when doing his work. He is confidence and feels special about himself. When talks to Mrs. Ames, he always looks at her eyes. It is definitely a sign of confidence. He also answers the question that Mrs. Ames has, which shows he has some degree of knowledge to help others. It makes him feels special. He is not ambitious, however, compares to Mr. Ames. He does a very normal job, and he is good at make connection of people around

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