Comparing Ancient Greek Kylix 'And Starbucks' Cup

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There have been many drinking vessels throughout history. Many cultures and civilizations have given them different names, but their overall purpose remained the same. Drinking vessels are vessels intended for drinking. Due to such a broad definition that covers a wide range of containers, I want to focus our attention on a specific type of drinking vessel known as a cup. According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, a cup is a small round container that often has a handle and is used for drinking liquids, usually a bowl-shaped drinking vessel holding around 8 ounces of liquid. I also want to narrow down our attention even more by comparing two cups, the ancient Greek drinking vessel to our modern day Starbucks cup. The ancient Greeks called their…show more content…
The Kylix normally held wine and the Starbucks’ cup are normally filled with some type of coffee. In essences, both cups were designed to function as a container to hold a specific type of liquid. The contour of the Kylix prevented spillage and allowed the drinker to drink while reclining. This was especially important since they were normally used at drinking parties. The Starbucks cup is also made to prevent liquid from escaping. Starbucks engineered a lid to prevent spillage and a lid sip hole plug stopper. These additional perks to the Starbucks’ cup are a great addition to our modern day, fast pace lives. Both cups decoration is also of ancient Greek culture. On the external surface of the Kylix, large eyes or content of a sexual nature was normally depicted. The Starbucks cup also follows the sexual theme within its logo. Although the Starbucks logo has been changed a few times through the years to censor the naked two tail siren from ancient Greek mythology. Lastly, the Kylix and Starbucks cups are made out of natural materials. The Kylix is made from a collection of earthenware or clay and the Starbucks cup is made from 10% recyclable

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