Morrie Morgan In Ivan Doig's The Whistling Season

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Morrie Morgan, a fascinated character who dwells in the world of The Whistling Season, written by Ivan Doig. His knowledge is his greatest strength, as well as his greatest downfall as he has unconventional methods of doing things. He is extremely out of place in such a rural setting yet somehow manages to fit right in even among his oddities. Morrie Morgan plays a crucial role in the plot due to his impracticality forcing other characters to think in a different manner. When Morrie first sees the “Big Ditch” he has several questions for Father, forcing him to both think and question the methods that had been drilled into him from the moment he had come to Montana. He asks Father, “The soil can act as it’s own reservoir? Why then do you suppose…show more content…
When Vivian has problems saying her name and Morrie is hopelessly confused until someone else points out his mistake, he says, “Mea cupla, Vivian, not youa culpa” (113), and this relatively odd explanation stunned the students into a sort of silence, allowing Morrie to catch a second wind and move on without further disruptions. Every disruption causes Paul to hold his breath in worry because “schoolchildren are quick as sharks to scent something was amiss with the teacher” (111). Furthermore, Barbara wanting to “trade my first name in for another one . . . for school” (113), could have caused a catastrophe between her and Morrie, as well as the other students as the entire schoolroom was thrown into an “outburst of debate . . . half the school instantaneously backing her and the other half reflexively rallied to the opposing view” (114). He takes control once more and handles the with a scholar’s meticulous reply, saying, “If you can sufficiently convince your fellow young scholars, Rahrab it can be, until different notification” (115). An unconventional response for an unconventional problem which powerfully effects the entire schoolroom atmosphere. Without the carefully constructed replies given by Morrie, the schoolroom would have been thrown in turmoil and Morrie would not have caused such a large impact in Paul’s

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