Monster Abuse In Frankenstein

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English everyone loved the woman. The monster actually learned basic words from books and when Safie was learning english and history, so it helped it relate more to the family. Due to the way the children acted the monster felt it had a chance that someone as miserable as it was would accept it finally as a person. So the monster was finally ready to meet the cottagers, it met the old man first since the children were not at home, the man welcomed it in and the monster told its problem about how the people he loves may not look past his looks. The old man remarked “ I am poor and an exile; but it will afford me true pleasure to be in any way serviceable to a human creature”(Shelly 159) This made the monster feel finally part of mankind, no…show more content…
The monster one could say enslaved Victor with not a threat but a promise to make victor's life lower than what the monster has endured by ridding the world of loved ones. Due to this statement though Victor Frankenstein gave up while staying up nights, weeks and even longer eventually thought “ As I looked on him, his countenance expressed the out most extent of malice and treachery. I thought with a sensation of madness on my promise of creating another like to him, and trembling with passion, tore to pieces the thing on which I was engaged.”(Shelley 204-205) This shows that no remorse was shown for the monster. It also shows that mankind relatively stabs the monster in the back, thinking that people have the power to rule to choose not creatures or animals. The monster howled after this happened showing that it was drifting away from acceptance of mankind but being more animalistic. The monster also just wanted someone to be on the same level intellectually and as ugly as it was so it would not run away because it to would not be accepted by the world as well, so therefore the monsters would be paired together forever. This was not the case anymore though Victor threw the rest of the female body he was making into the ocean never to be used again. Due to this the monster remarks “I will be with you on your wedding night”(Shelley 208) showing it has…show more content…
First a father denied a right of responsibility towards son, secondly the monster gained experience to live amongst a family and villagers to which so seemingly hurt him physically and mentally, thirdly Victor took away the monsters last hope of ever being loved, lastly wanting forgiveness, but saving the best but so called worst for last the monster decided to rid itself from a world which it was hated but gained peace of mind. One can see it can be pretty hard to endure life if always along in a dark isolated place. The monster never truly received acceptance but in the end it accepted the fact that it was tired of being alone so it's ashes shall remain among the world maybe condemned to hell but it's spirit shall join the

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