Monopolistic Competition In The Grapes Of Wrath

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Monopolistic competition is like a monopoly, each monopolistic competitor faces a downward sloping demand curve, and it charges a price above marginal cost. There is many firms, and entry and exit drive the profit to 0 in the long run. It is characterized by three attributes: many firms, differentiated products, and free entry. John Steinbeck wrote The Grapes of Wrath trying to describe the people that lived in Oklahoma and traveled west to California. The Great depression causes many Americans to lose their job in Nebraska, Kansas and Texas. He did an extensive research about how migrant were treated during that time, how difficult was the situation for them. He actually lived with migrant workers such as the Joad family before he wrote the book. Narrative of the Story:…show more content…
Our narrator talked about Highway 66 as “the mother road” It allows Americans people to pursue their hopes and dreams, but also leading them to their to desperation and beggary. There were stores, gas stations, rest stop diners, resuming a large number of small firms where their entry and exit into business was easy. The kind of products sold by those business were essential for the main characters in the book, products as, gas, car parts and food were covered by the shops in Highway 66. These business were not operated by the migrant workers but by the larger population of businessman. They operated in a Monopolistic Competition market. For me their product diversification attract customers to stop at their locations. All these business man were trying to take advantage of the migrant families especially if they arrived with broken down cars. One of the rest stop diner features a waitress named Mae and her husband cook Al. Mae felt badly for a man with his 2 boys and sold them food for

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