Moliere's View Of Religion In Tartuffe

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Many of the poets we have studied in this semester have expressed their views of religion in their works. Moliere wrote Tartuffe, which can be categorized as a religious satire. The poem specifically calls out the people in that time that considered themselves as true Christians. These people claimed that they lived by the bible and did everything through the image of Christ, when in reality many of them did just the opposite. He writes the poem based on his humor of these people who are “true Christians.” Many of these people worked for the church and were priests or royals. This group of people committed more sins than others yet claimed against it. Moliere wants to call these people out but not directly, which is why he writes it in a satirical manor. The…show more content…
Moliere’s view of religion were strong but wanted people to confess to what they were truly doing. Wordsworth was very strong in his religious faith. He used religion in many of his works to strengthen the importance of nature and the power that it had. He never really spoke against religion, yet used the imagery to convey the meanings of his work. He never directly wrote about his faith or religious beliefs but he also never wrote against anything in the beliefs of his church. He used the power of religion and the community to connect many of his readers and get them all on the same page. Religious beliefs and the church were a big part of the cultural time in which he wrote his poetry. He simply used this to his benefit to convey what he strongly believed in. Coleridge was a heavy supporter of religion and used it in many of his works. He was the son of an Anglican vicar, therefore he grew up around strong religious beliefs. Later in his life however, he went against what he grew up around and became a Unitarian preacher. His strong religious beliefs are conveyed in his poetry. He uses the art of prayer in many of his works. The strong belief in prayer shows his commitment to God

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