Black Swan Obsession

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Connections Obsession can make people do crazy things, this is shown across four texts, both oral and written. These texts are The Wrestler and Black Swan by Darren Aronofsky, The Cask of Amontillado and Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. In the two films by Darren Aronofsky, they are faced with internal obsession, this is a psychological struggle within the mind to be perfect. In Poe’s two written texts they are faced with the external obsession of an outer force, in Poe's stories the outer force is other people. In the films, The Wrestler and Black Swan, directed by Darren Aronofsky, there are similarities and differences, both Nina and Randy are going to extreme limits to try and be perfect at their sport, it has turned into an obsession,…show more content…
Randy tells cassidy “The only place I get hurt is out there” pointing away from the stage, he feels like the stage is a safe place, where he is loved and people care about him because of his wrestling. For them to be perfect their whole life, an obsessive energy must be put into their art form, they transform into either a wrestler or a ballerina. This is also shown in both films when Nina has no friends, and Randy has pushed away his family. In ‘Black Swan’ Nina trains everyday, we are shown continuous close ups of her feet throughout the movie; for example when she was strapping her battered, broken and bleeding toes. There were also scenes in The Wrestler where Randy was strapping up his knees and elbows for support when he was thrown around the arena. Both Nina and Randy work to be physically perfect, not only do they train and work out but they make themselves look perfect for their role, for example Nina paints her face white for the show, while Randy gets a tan and dyes his hair blond for his performances. They are trying to fit the role, obsessed about the way a dancer or wrestler looks. Their obsession to be perfect at their art form ended up hurting their bodies, Nina worked herself so hard to be perfect at being the black swan that it ends up killing her, the role took over her life. Randy’s

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