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Module 6 Writing Assignment 1. What was the useful information you learned in modules 1-5? In module one, I learned about an "Action at an emergency". The three things I learned from that was, recognizing an emergency, deciding to help, and to call 9-1-1 if the EMS is needed. All of these things are very important when it comes to a victim in an accident. Also, I learned how to tell a minor injury from and major injury. In module two, I learned about "Finding out what's wrong". I learned that finding out what is wrong with a person will be influenced by whether the victim is suffering from an injury or an illness, whether the victim is unresponsive or responsive and whether life threatening conditions exist. It is always important to perform…show more content…
Such as, the first step is to check for a response, then check if the victim is breathing. Lastly if the victim is not breathing or gasping, see if their is another bystander who could call 9-1-1, if not you call them yourself. In module four, I learned five things concerning "shock". I learned the actually meaning of shock. The second thing I learned, is that shock can be both cardiovascular or non cardiovascular. The third thing I learned is the progression of shock. The fourth thing I learned was the care for shock. Lastly I learned the general care for shock. In module five, I learned three things concerning the spinal injuries. The first thing I learned is what the spine actually is. The second thing I learned was that anytime someone suffers from an head injury, they may also have a spinal injury. Also, about 15% to 20% of head injuries victims also have spinal cord injury. The third thing I learned is the care for spinal injury. Which first thing you do is monitor breathing, if the victim is not breathing open the airway. The next step is to stabilize the victim to prevent movement. In order to do that you need to follow these steps: grasp the victims head over the ears and hold the head and neck still until the EMS arrives. Then if you have to wait along time for the EMS, and you get tired of holding the victims head in place, kneel with the victims head between your knees on each side of the victims head to prevent it from rolling

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