Missing Headband Case Study

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The Case of the Missing Headband It all depended on me. One more homerun and I could win my team the national game. Taylor Robinson, my best friend ever, cheered me on as the ball swooped past all of Trenton Jr. High players. I was running like I never had before. Homerun! We won nationals! All of my teammates picked me up and we all cheered and screamed as loud as we possibly could. It was the best day of my life. It was all because of my super special headband that basically gives me good luck in every game that I play. Without it, I would be the absolute worst player on the team. Coach Amy all took us to get pizza to celebrate. Coach always takes us out wherever we want to eat when we will a game. We all thanked her and began to eat the 4 boxes of pizza that…show more content…
Where was my super special headband?! I need it in order to win or practice. Then I knew that it was just probably in my softball bag. Nope. In the dirty clothes? Nope. Under my bed? Nope. Where is it? And then I thought to myself, what if Coach or one of my teammates took it? No one would do that to me though. Right? I was getting a little too worried. My stomach was aching and I had to lie down and just think where it could possibly be. This was going to be our year to win, not Ringland again for like the 5th time in a row. We had one more practice before the big game. During practice, I asked Taylor if she might have taken it. She quickly said, “no” and hurried away and walked into the game that was going on against our partners. That was strange. Taylor never just says “no” and then strangely walks away. She would have started a 30 minute conversation about that, and would have helped me at least look for it with me. I felt like I was going to backfire my eggs, bacon, and orange juice that I had this morning for breakfast. I was sick, and started getting really dizzy. PLOP. I then felt like I was in a totally different

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