Minimum Wage Gap Analysis

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Justice is the right relationships among all created beings so that all move steadily toward fullness of life. The disparity brought amongst unbalanced Americans this day and age is burden that needs to be fixed. One way to do restore the balance is by modifying taxes. First, as Krugman states, “let the Bush tax cuts for the very well off expire.” In return this will create enough revenue to be used elsewhere. Secondly, close the loopholes in the US government. One in particular of these loopholes could be hedge fund managers. When loopholes are closed this transitions the earnings made as capital gains. By doing so, being taxed at 15 percent will be more beneficial than those at 35 percent as Krugman mentions. Thus, developing a fulfillment…show more content…
The government needs to increase minimum wage only by a few dollars, not by several. For example, going from $5.25 an hour to $7.50 an hour opposed to $5.25 to $15.00 an hour. By raising the wage from only a few dollars will actually increase employment and decrease unemployment, despite what most critics may think. This; however, could occur if it were raised several dollars. In addition, what many citizens fail to realize is when minimum wage goes up so do other prices to compensate for the counterbalance. After all it is easier to adapt to minor changes then a drastic one don’t you think? Justice in short is equality, by being justified in wages one actually develops the mercy value…show more content…
“By 2005, just before a new law making it much harder for individuals to declare bankruptcy took effect, the number of families filing for bankruptcy each year was five times its level in the early 1980’s.” Just like most people, Warren and Tyagi agrees that expenses on luxury items took on a high priority opposed to necessities. However, this was not the case. In fact, the exact opposite. The expenses were also to give people of the middle- class the chance to become better than their parents or ancestors. Therefore, parents spent money on bills, food, and a house closer to a better school district for their children. Thus, placing education of high importance because the real world does not care about one’s struggle. The mere ends to a mean my friends! Sadly, if the economy would place more importance on treating all beings equal so that all move steadily toward fullness of life justice wouldn’t be

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