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Mini Document Based Questioning (Mini Q) Background Essay Questions 1. Arts and Entertainment Television selected Johannes Gutenberg as the most influential person of the millennium due to his inventing of the first practical printing press. 2. 25, 000 BCE: Man learned to speak 6,000 BCE (8,000 years ago): 1,500 BCE: First evidence of an alphabet comes from Phoenicia 600 CE: Chinese introduced woodblock printing 1,450 CE: Johannes Gutenberg invents printing press 3. Setting type using alphabet letters is easier than setting type using Chinese characters because the alphabet contains only 26 letters that can represent different sounds while the Chinese language as over 50,000 different characters. So in comparison the alphabet is easier to use and more efficient than the Chinese characters. 4. The printing press increased the number of…show more content…
Columbus was in Lisbon when he wrote his letter. 4. The European cities are Barcelona published in Spanish, Rome translated into Latin and Italian, and Paris translated into French. 5. The printing press would not exactly be an as important as an invention in the case of exploration but still had an effect because the printing press sped up the process of spreading information and knowledge around Europe. Document E 1. The year the Martellus World Map was printed and published on 1489. The Waldseemuller World Map was printed and published on 1507. 2. The discoveries made between 1489 and 1507taht appear on the Waldseemuller Map is the discovery of the Americas. 3. The Waldseemuller Map is connected to the Columbus because before Columbus found the lands that he found they were not recorded on the map and because of this discovery a new world map was created showing the Americas. 4. You could use documents D and E to argue because one can say that exploration was already an important and widely appreciated thing without the printing press and that the printing press only allowed spreading of knowledge around Europe

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