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At what point is it socially acceptable for a women to leave her husband and family? This very controversial topic is one of the most talked about issue in “A Doll House” by Henrik Ibsen. Nora, the main character, made the decision to leave her husband, by doing so she failed her duty as a wife. When she made the decision to leave, she not only left her husband, but she also abandoned her children. Nora didn’t have to leave her family, she could have made a different decision that would not have affected her family in such a drastic way. Nora’s decision to leave her family and friend was selfish, wrong, and she should have not done it. The wife has a duty to the husband as the husband has a duty to the wife. When a couple is married they say vows, which are more like promises to one another saying that they will not split until death. Nora promised to be with her husband until death and by leaving him she broke this promise. Her husband in the play says, “Oh, it’s outrageous. So you’ll run out like this on your most sacred vows” (26). Her husband is clearly stating that she promised to stay with him and she is now breaking…show more content…
Nora should have stopped talking with her husband and really thought about how her decision will affect the ones she loves. Her husband in the play say “I see. There is a gulf that’s opened between us- that’s clear. Oh, but Nora, can’t we bridge it somehow?” (27) By saying this he is trying to tell her that he really wants to try to make it work for them. He also goes on to say in the play that she should wait to make the decision until the morning, so she can think clearly about the issue. If Nora would have would have waited and really though hard, she would have figured out a way to make it work for the children’s sake. Nora made the decision impulsively and her children suffered because of it, she could have taken some time to cool down and then make a choice with a clear

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