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They sacked all the wealth of the town and desecrated all the religious images then burned the church. Then right after it was built, again, Moro pirates invaded it and then destroyed the church. The church was again in flames after the fall of Iloilo City where the parish priest all gathered in Miagao ready to be exiled to other country. The Maria Cristina ship dropped anchor to pick up the local priests. Then it was two o’clock in the afternoon that the ship lifted anchor and leave with the priest. Six hour after the church was blazed up. All this devastating start resulted to the church right now. But then it took a long time rebuilding it. Hence then Miag-ao church is very useful for the years that past. It was used as a fortress for Moro…show more content…
Then through the efforts of Miagao Parish Council, headed by Colonel Solomon Flores and with assistance of by the heads of mandated parish organizations, the church has now have three concrete altars and modern sanctuary together with the lightings and sound system improvements. New long benches were donated and replaced the old ones. It is fascinating for me to know about these details about the church. How useful the church was during the time it was needed and how the church manage to stand still at that situations. Miag-ao church is really a living legend. Miag-ao church is one stubborn structure built during Spanish occupation. This church is one of the few remaining old churches in the country and the only one who had less damage during the strongest earthquake ever hit the Panay Island. It was during January 24, 1948. The earthquake toppled the bell tower of Jaro and the old church of Oton and also the other Hispanic structure established here in Panay. This fact can never be denied by anyone because this is a living evidence that archaeology has. It is very diverse from any church, it is truly an architectural gem of the

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