Michael Ohre's The Blind Side

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The book “The Blind Side” has many themes, but its main theme is that it doesn’t matter where you start off in life, you can still succeed. It shows this because in the book Michael Ohre also known as “Big Mike” starts off in the projects, then ends up playing professional football. In the book Michael isn’t only making an impact on the game of Football, he is also making an impact on others because of his story. “Oher, now playing offensive tackle for the University of Mississippi, is a valuable commodity because of the lasting impact he made on the game of Football….” stated George Will in his biography of Michael Ohre. But, that is not the only theme in this book. Another theme in this book is that kindness sometimes pays off. The Tuohy…show more content…
Tuohy, S.J, Collins, and Miss Sue. Michael is the main character of the story, considering the story is about him. He starts of as a youngod” going house to house. But, then finds relief when found by the Tuohy family and introduced into the game of Football. The second most important character, Mrs. Tuohy, is mostly the reason they helped Michael. At first, they weren’t going to take him home with them, but Mrs. Tuohy convinced her husband to bring him home. Mrs. Tuohy (Leigh Anne Tuohy) was a Mom to him, she brung him shopping for clothes, motivated him when he was playing football, stood up for him, and much more. S.J (son of Mrs. and Mr. Tuohy) a brother figure to Michael. S.J was Michael's best friend, he was always right by his side no matter what. For example, every day at school S.J would talk to Michael, and eat lunch with him. On the other hand, Collins (daughter of Mrs. and Mr. Tuohy) didn’t seem to talk to Michael that much. But, at a point in the story she leaves her friends to sit with Michael and study with him. From that point on, Michael and Collins became very close. Miss Sue, was a tutor that the Tuohy family hired for Michael to keep his grades up. She started off as just a tutor for Michael, but then becomes sort of a confidant for him. He talks about everything with, his troubles at school, his choices for college, and much more. All of these characters, are very important to

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