Media's Influence On Criminal Justice

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Many of us have ideas about different races and cultures before we meet anyone from that culture or race. Many of those ideas are shaped from what we see and hear in the media. The media is an easy place to get information so many people take that information, and do not further research the topics discussed. The media has made people believe that African Americans and other minorities are more in involved in violent crime. The problem with media it that it also influences police officer’s opinions, and can change how they react to crimes (McNamara, 2009). This causes problems within the Criminal Justice. Following the attacks of September 11th 2001 many people placed judgment on people of Middle Eastern decent (McNamara, 2009). The events of that tragic day began to flood the media, and Americans found out that attacks were an act of terrorism. Following the media uproar many people began targeting people of Middle Eastern decent, and believing everyone of Middle Eastern decent was associated with terrorism. The media influenced the…show more content…
It is estimated that 10.3 million unauthorized people currently live in our country. Fifty-seven percent of those people are Mexican (McNamara, 2009). In Los Angeles in 2004 ninety-five of all outstanding warrants were for illegal aliens. This statistics is very freighting, but police may not arrest people on immigration charges. They may also not report someone to immigration until they have been charged with a felony or several misdemeanors. Many people believe if we were harsher on immigrants for misdemeanors it may have an effect on the total number of crimes committed by immigrants (McNamara, 2009). This is a large and controversial problem in our Criminal Justice System, and can make other races fee they are being treated unfairly. This also gives illegal aliens the idea that they will not severely be punished for there crimes, and they continue to commit

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