Me Earl And The Dying Girl Analysis

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Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl is a movie that reflects the value of friendship during tough social situations. The movie portrays several inferences and levels of the made up friendship between the main characters Greg and “the dying girl” Rachel during her struggle with cancer and the friendship between the two senior students in the same high school Greg and Earl. Both of Greg and Earl craft short films during their senior year in high school, yet they refuse to publish them or give a copy to anyone up until the part in the movie in which Greg life changes because he develops a friendship with a girl with leukemia named Rachel and the other part where Earl publicizes the films he did with Greg to Rachel. In this film, Greg faces many difficult situations because he was forced to do things that…show more content…
Indeed, the deal with insecurity and lack of confidence, the merge between friendship and personal interests, the realization of the value of existence, and the maturity with experiences and daily situations are the major themes that the movie focuses on. Various scenes at the beginning of the movie highlights the insecurity of Greg, who avoids becoming a friend with anyone at his high school, so he can prevent himself from being hated by people as he believes so. Greg’s lifestyle has come to a change when his mother stresses that he should get back in friendship with Rachel, the girl with leukemia. Greg and Rachel were friends together in the same school at an earlier age in their lives, but they have lost the connection since that time. Although Greg doesn’t want to be a friend with anyone at this stage of his life, he intends humanly to retrieve the friendship with Rachel since she is in a critical situation. The friendship starts up when Greg explains to Rachel at her home why he is coming to see her: “Rachel, just listen

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