Marketing Strategy Analysis Of BMW

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To work on this project I have put in my lot of efforts & done lot of research work. I have gone through various websites such as, & many more for the history strategies analysis of BMW. I also read reviews & blogs on the various website for companies feedback. To get further information I used linked in app & also visited one of the BMW’s branch KUN EXCLUSIVE AT Chennai. From there I came to know their Strategies their structure & the way they deal with their clients. This project deals with the marketing strategy, environmental analysis, 4p’s of marketing of BMW & the market, its competitors in which it operates. BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) in English (Bavarian Motor Works) Group is the leading car manufacturer…show more content…
BMW cars are good example of high grade technology, innovative features & safety. Germans unlimited speed limit requires that cars can cruise at high speed without internal noise. BMW also aims to maintain long lasting relationship with its customers, so it focuses to consistently upgrade each & every version very carefully. It also provide its customers wide range of facilities when they come for maintenance of their car. From this project I also studied various difficulties & issues faced by the company due to change in economic policies & the upgraded versions launched by its competitor companies. I also learned various difficulties & hurdles faced by BMW at time of recession. BMW has also focused to target young segments by launching cars for them like 5-series & the brand new I8. This is very important for any brand to target right market with right segment to capture high market share & maximise profit. As per Gerry druiker the sale purpose of a business should be to create satisfied customers. Steven Levitt also suggested that customer oriented rather then product oriented concept of marketing is the key to an organisation’s…show more content…
BMW predicted after short span of time that setting the best deal wasn't the main issue for customers which led to the decision avoiding discounts & gave importance to advertising & communication. But BMW provided various beneficial loan schemes to bachelors, masters, PHD’S. BMW corporate strategic goal is to achieve superior customer experience with high performing technology engines. BMW has employed focused market generic differentiation strategy to out perform other firms in automobile industry. Implementation of the strategy of differentiation by BMW has been at the expense of cost leadership & efficiency. The luxury status of BMW is a vital element of its competitive advantage. BMW offers various models according to different age group people which it wanna targets. It practices an internal culture of improvement to ensure improved output to meet its quality bench mark for which its promised to its customers. BMW also has a reputation of a world leader in safety & its renowned for its massive expenditure on R&D. It has won many compliments & awards for its safety & innovative technology. Now a days consumer rely on electronic media for any information regarding any product or services. E- Business has helped to facilitate decision making, Payments, Documentations, Communications & advertisement. BMW has successfully incorporated ICT in all aspects of its business transactions. BMW has

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