Marilyn Hartman

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On August 26th, 62 year old Marilyn Hartman was arrested for attempting to board a plane without a ticket at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Hartman has an extensive history of attempting to fly without a ticket, including three arrests earlier this month related to these attempts. Earlier in August, Hartman flew from San Jose to Los Angeles without a ticket on a Southwest Airlines flight, and was arrested. A few days after her release from jail because of overcrowding, she was arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport for violating the terms of her probation, which included not being on airport property unless she had a ticket to fly. Then on August 14th, Hartman was caught and let go with a warning after attempting to enter a security checkpoint without a ticket. After her most recent arrest, Phoenix police are requesting that Hartman undergoes a mental health evaluation. In the textbook, the authors discuss the concept of personality being “enduring”. By enduring, the authors mean that characteristics of one’s personality are consistent across the length of a person’s life and in different situations (Cervone & Pervin, 2013). People are fairly…show more content…
As discussed earlier, the personality characteristic that is causing Marilyn Hartman to take part in criminal behavior may be many things, for example thrill seeking or disobedience. In order to explain Hartman’s behavior, a personality psychologist would attempt to scientifically explain, rather than simply describe, the psychological factors that can causally explain her behavior. For example, a personality psychologist may scientifically explain Hartman’s behavior as a result of her need to disobey authority. By repeatedly attempting to board planes, she is demonstrating her lack of respect for rules and
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