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Marcia Lynn Dorsett: Marcia often comes out alongside Vicky and appears to be very aware of the make-up of the other identities as well. She reports some of the memories of the other identities, for example, explaining Ruthie’s memory of her father burying a foetus in the garden (Mahoney & Sargent, 2007). It was later revealed that this was the foetus of a child miscarried by her mother. Ruthie Dorsett: Ruthie, at age 6, is the youngest of the identities. Ruthie exposed the sexual abuse experienced by Sybil during a breakdown when she started repeating that her mother “[put fingers inside]” (Mahoney & Sargent, 2007). Vicky later shared the fact that Ruthie’s mother raped her with a button hook and raped other girls when babysitting (Mahoney & Sargent, 2007). She also shared the fact that Ruthie’s parents continually made love in front of her (Mahoney & Sargent, 2007). Marcia describes Ruthie watching her father bury a foetus in the garden. Ruthie urinates at inappropriate times because she is unable to hold in her urine as a result of her mother giving her water enemas and…show more content…
Sybil’s mother was a talented piano player and Sybil always resented the fact that she did not possess this talent (Mahoney & Sargent, 2007). Sid Dorsett: Sid is one of Sybil’s male identity states. He gets his name from Sybil’s initials – Sybil Isabel Dorsett. Sid is a builder and proud to be like his dad. He does not understand that he cannot make a girl pregnant. When it was suggested that he does not have male genitals and is therefore a girl, he adamantly persists and stated that girls are dirty based on the fact that his mother was a girl and she was dirty (Mahoney & Sargent, 2007). This is reasonably understood as the underlying desire within Sybil to not identify with her mother. Mike Dorsett: Mike is another one of Sybil’s male identities that is like Sybil’s grandfather (Mahoney & Sargent,

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