Lauren Durough Short Story

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“The thing is, I don’t want my destiny handed to me. I want to choose it.” Lauren Durough grew up having everything done for her. All she knew of was entrepreneurialism and wealth. She was the only child of her family, but she was not the son her father had wished for. Lauren was going to show her family that she does not need continuous care throughout her life. She was going to fulfill her dreams with her decisions, sacrifices, and ability to overcome obstacles. The consequences of Lauren’s actions assisted in accomplishing her dreams. She had taken a job transcribing a diary for a stranger instead of working for her father. Her dad had offered her a job working with him many times, but she declined, wanting to prove she was not like her family. She wanted to find a poor man and marry him as well. Lauren wanted to present to her family that money is not the only source of happiness and pleasure. She wanted to show that love could produce the same results. She found herself trapped, though. Lauren was being held back by…show more content…
Aside from feeling unappreciated in her father’s eyes, she had to prove to him she could manage on her own. Her personality was her biggest obstacle. As stated before, she was too quick to assess people by how they appeared, not by who they really were. Lauren saw this was negatively affecting her life, and she knew she had to change. By the end of the story, she was a very different person. She had begun to act on impulse and do whatever came to her mind at that moment. For instance, she was upset about Mercy and her father’s surgery so she sent an e-mail to Raul. She even signed it “Lars.” She was also afraid that her dad would end up like Mercy’s father (dead), but she had to power through the hurtful thoughts. Her strength, physical and mental, was what helped her overpower these obstacles and setbacks on her journey (of pursuing her

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