Persuasive Essay: Why You Should Hire Me?

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Why You Should Hire Me Let’s face it; every resume that comes across your desk is qualified for the job. They have the degrees, the license, the portfolio, and the references. You’re looking for something more though. You’re not hiring for just any job, you’re hiring a teacher. That’s a huge responsibility. The person you select will be responsible for over thirty-one thousand contact hours with your students in one year alone (assuming an average class size of 25 students, 7 hours per day, and 180 days). I’d like to share my “top ten” practical reasons to make your selection process easier. Yes, I have the qualifications that everyone else does, but that’s not enough in this competitive field. Practical Experience In 2004 I took my first substitute…show more content…
My creativity has also been demonstrated by unique and highly successful classroom management strategies. Life Experience I had the best teacher of all – life itself. After earning two engineering degrees, I learned firsthand what the real world will demand of my students after they graduate high school. I’ve worked in retail, engineering, information technology, food service, communications, graphic arts, music, transportation, and many other jobs my students are likely to encounter. I’ve also experienced life in over a dozen countries outside of the United States through volunteer opportunities and personal travel. The workers of tomorrow will be conducting commerce with other countries around the world just as easily as we conduct business with neighboring cities today. I can and will prepare them for that exciting world. Passion Without passion, teaching is just another job. At the end of a whirlwind teaching day, I’m not burnt out like I am with other jobs. Why? Because the passion to teach is wired into the core of my being. It makes me come alive. This is what I was born to do! It isn’t enough to be a teacher. It isn’t even enough to be a really good teacher. I will accept nothing less of myself than to become a great

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