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Abstract Safety Restraint Use explained in Senate Bill No. 1136, Section 49-673 states that, Idaho code, that any occupant of a motor vehicle, driver or passenger must have a safety restraint on at all times when the vehicle is in motion. If cited, a fine of $10.00 with an additional $5.00 fine shall be served. As a seat belt infraction only being a secondary offence you cannot be pulled over for the reason alone of not wear a safety restraint, to be cited for not wearing a safety restraint you must be pulled over for another moving vehicle infraction. Seat belt laws date back to 1984 when New York became the first state to put into effect a mandatory seat belt law. In this paper, the differences, positive and negative between seatbelt laws being a secondary or primary offence are shown. Policy Identification and Explanation Senate Bill No. 1136, Section, 49-673. SAFETY RESTRAINT USE. Each and every occupant inside a moving vehicle must be…show more content…
While New York being the first state in the U.S. in 1984 to put in place a mandatory seat belt law, Europe and Australia had already had some sort of mandatory seat belt law implemented in the early 1970’s. 16 years following after New York’s footsteps in the mandatory seat belt law all but just one state excluding New Hampshire had passed a type of required seat belt law (Cohen, A., & Einav, L., 2001). In 1984, NHTSA proposed that automatic restraint systems be required in new vehicles unless two-thirds of the U.S. population was covered by a mandatory seatbelt law by September 1984. Idaho’s first mandatory Seat belt law was enacted in February 24 of 1986. While seat belt laws had been proposed before 1985, most state legislators rejected the idea since they knew the vast majority of public opposed

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