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Lydia Darragh When you think of the American Revolutionary you probably don’t think of Lydia Darragh, but she saved many of the people who were in the Pennsylvania Militia, and perhaps even the life of George Washington. After examining the life of Lydia Darragh it is clear that she has had many roles and effects in the American Revolutionary. ( In December 1777 Major John Andre told Lydia that her house was going to be used for secret British meetings. Lydia was told that her and her family had to go to bed early and stay in a different room than they were having the meeting in, so they wouldn’t overhear anything. After much praying Lydia decided to listen in on the British meeting, she did this because her son was fighting in the war and she wanted him to be safe. So she went over to the door to see if she could hear anything, and for a while she couldn’t make out what they were saying. Then a little later she heard a louder voice say that troops were planning on ambushing George Washington and his troops at Fort Valley and Whitemarsh. When Lydia heard this she thought that she needed to do something about it even if it is against her religion. With her son in the war and the information she had heard she knew she had to do…show more content…
She married William Darragh in 1753 when she was 24 years old. ( Lydia and her husband William were Quakers. A Quaker is someone who was not allowed to participate in any acts of war or violence. Throughout Lydia Darragh’s life she gave birth to nine children, four of them died in infancy. ( During William's life he worked as a teacher, with this job he did not make very much money which left Lydia to make most of the money. Lydia worked as a nurse, a midwife, and an undertaker. (Martha Kneib, Page 30-32) When her husband William died she decided to run a store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania until she died on December 26th

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